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Thread: The Passion of the Christ - 02/25/04

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    Ms JCM
    I received this email from a friend this morning that saw the film last night. Just thought I'd share;

    Subject: The Passion Of Christ

    Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we
    were still sinners, Christ died for us” Oh how I love Jesus and praise Him

    I thought I knew how much the Father loved me and after seeing the movie I
    couldn’t even really imagine His love towards me. I have read the
    scriptures and heard the word being preached concerning the death of our
    Lord, but to have seen it was more than what I have been taught.

    To be honest with you I can’t even explain this to you, because even now my eyes are becoming cloudy with tears. The songs says “I don’t know why Jesus loves me, I don’t know why Jesus cares, I don’t know why He sacrificed His life for me, oh but I’m glad so glad He did”

    The movie did much for me and has given me a deeper outlook on much. I
    told you before I thought I knew how much the Father loved me and even how much I love Him, I know He endured for me even to the cross but He done so much more just for me. This is truly a personal movie and I recommend you see it ASAP. Yes it is rated “R” there were even parts I couldn’t bear to see but even in that it was certainly “REAL”

    What better time for this movie to come out leading up to the Crucifixion
    of our Lord. Can you really imagine having to be the one to crucify Him?
    When there was no “Fault” in Him, yet we didn’t nail Him to the cross but
    we have in one time or another crucified Him and denied as Peter, but even
    in that Christ still died.

    You must see this. The only thing I wish could have happened
    that this movie was in someone’s church where those that wanted to give
    their lives to the Lord could have had the chance, but I’m sure that in
    someone’s heart they did just that. This is an “eye” opener even for the

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    That's a beautiful e-mail... your friend is very articulate... so you gonna see it now?

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    Ms JCM
    Yes, I was going to see it regardless.

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    'Passion' Nails $26.6 Million on First Day
    by Brandon Gray
    February 26, 2004

    HOLLYWOOD (Box Office Mojo) – Perhaps Ash Wednesday should be renamed Fat Wednesday.

    Fueled by an unprecedented media frenzy and religious fervor, Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ has delivered on the hype.

    Playing on 4,643 screens at 3,006 theaters, the $30 million production took in a whopping $26,556,573 on Wednesday – ironically prompting most in the industry to use the Lord's name in vain.

    In the process, The Passion burned onto the record books, notching the biggest opening day for a movie released outside the summer (May-August) and holiday (November-December) seasons. Hannibal was the previous title holder with $19.8 million posted in February 2001. Even if one subtracts the $3 million from private church group screenings on Monday and Tuesday that were folded in to the Wednesday gross, The Passion is still comfortably on top.

    Among all opening days, The Passion land at No. 9, but it reached No. 3 among all Wednesday bows, behind only The Return of the King's $34.5 million and Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace's $28.5 million and ahead of The Two Towers's $26.2 million and The Matrix Revolutions' $24.3 million.

    The Passion's opening day far exceeded Newmarket's and Box Office Mojo's Wednesday projections that it would come in at around $20 million, based on matinee grosses from around 28% of theaters. That shows that projecting so early can be as inaccurate as if the news called the winner of a political primary with only a fraction of precincts reporting.

    With less than 900 theaters reporting mid-Wednesday, The Passion had rung up over $7 million from matinees alone. That was about 18% behind what The Return of the King had at the same point on its opening day, and around 4% behind The Matrix Reloaded. The Passion ultimately followed a similar pattern to Return of the King.

    In just one day, The Passion has become the highest-grossing Christian-themed movie of recent memory. It's a genre that's been ghettoized as a niche market up until now – former champ Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie grossed a modest $25.6 million in its entire run

    I'm going this Saturday!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    Very well-said Kaky. I think for the most part, the believers, are focusing on the real message of the movie which is,as you mentioned, His ultimate sacrifice.

    I'll probably go and watch it this weekend, even though, I'm not too crazy about the subtitles.

    I saw it last night. Powerful. Overwhelming. The theatre was quiet, people took a long time to leave their seats, a few at a time...no lines, no talking...it was so overwhelming even my husband and I went home in silence, not speaking until this morning when we had a chance to process what we saw.

    The sub-titles...you won't notice. Although I'm not a fan of sub-titles, I barely noticed I was reading. There is not much speaking in the midst of all the action/violence.

    I have lots to say about this movie but I'm sure unless you've seen it, most people don't want to hear about it.....I'm glad I went although painful. I want to see it again to take in even more....
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    you guys might find this interesting:

    CHICAGO - A middle-aged woman died of an apparent heart attack Wednesday while watching the climactic crucifixion scene in “The Passion of the Christ” at a morning showing in Wichita, Kansas, a television station reported.


    The film was stopped and a nurse in attendance went to the unidentified woman’s side, a spokeswoman for KAKE-TV in Wichita said.

    “It was the highest emotional part of the movie,” she said. A crew from the TV station was at the special showing, which was sponsored by a radio station.

    The woman, who was in her 50s, was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, where a spokesman would only say she had been attending a movie. The county coroner’s office said an autopsy would be performed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terena79
    I'd like to know the sources, too. I find that hard to believe. If it were true, wouldn't it be mentioned everywhere the movie is mentioned? And if it is true, I'd like to hear whatever justification Gibson has for it.
    There was a bit on this in the interview with, I think it was Diane Sawyer. 20/20 or one of those major shows. What I recall are these points:

    "No Jews" (or media?) signs were posted at some private pre-screenings at Christian conferences and such. A man, who I believe was affiliated with either B'nai B'rith or the Anti-Defamation League, faked his way into one of these screenings; as I recall he left early because he was uncomfortable, or was asked to leave or something. They may have presented another instance in which someone was turned away, but I could also have that confused with the former case; if so, then it was that the guy was asked to leave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    ...Re: the blood and harshness of the portrayal of the death of Christ. I say, show it. I also agree that in war movies that they should not be "romanticized" and should show the brutality of war. This should be done without over powering the actual message of the movie.
    I agree with you about not romanticizing these things; personally, I think we should see the body bags on the evening news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfleming2
    I believe it was Aramaic, not Latin...
    both languages, with subtitles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masai & Pygmie
    It would even be more disgusting if they had "Last Supper" packages at Pizza Hut with breakable crazy bread and combo pack special "blood of new covenent" cup holders with "host-like" flavour popcorn....

    but I am sure there is paraphernalia out there - confirmations anyone

    I'm about to duck.
    That's funny Masai!

    I can appreciate the fact that Mel Gibson feels this story needs to be told. If this movie compels someone to pick up a bible, drop to their knees in prayer, or ponder Christ in a new way, then all was not in vain.

    The commercialism always bothers me. Jesus Happy Meals with a toy crucifix inside would be the utter end!
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