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    The Corporation

    New documentary that's winning a few awards and causing a stir. My friend got free tickets from the university radio station and we just went and watched it. I had to miss my fav Thurs line-up of Survivor + Apprentice but ah well, well worth it. This is definitely good food for thought.

    For anyone in Florida in particular, if you want to know what scary stuff is in your milk, definitely go watch it . Euuugh. I'm so glad the Canadian equivalent of the FDA did not approve of that stuff for human consumption.

    I heard the movie will be on TVO in a 3 part segment later this month.

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    It does sound very interesting.

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    Yep, it has a lot of interesting sections in the film, but one involves 2 whistle-blowing Fox reporters who tried to caution public about synthetic hormone rBGH used in cows. The hormone is used to create more milk in cows. Just before the show aired, Fox got a legal complain from the drug company that makes the hormone and sells it to the cow farmers. Fox got scared (about losing advertising dollars from the company, about legal lawsuits costs) and asked them to can the segment. The reporters refused, and threatened to go to the boardcasting community about the freedom of press issue, so Fox said they'll air it if they made changes to the show. They made 81 copies of changes, which was basically a stall to keep the show off air. No show needed 81 different edits. Finally they were fired from Fox. They sued Fox, and won. But Fox appealed it on a technicality on the grounds of the dismissal.

    The hormone is banned from use in UK and Canada. But the US' FDA approved it. It not only causes more milk, it causes the cow's milk production area to become engorged too (I'm not a scientist and I'm just recapping a section), and sometimes when the cow is milked the puss goes into the milk. It's really gross. But moreover, the problem is the only trial that was done by the company was a 90 day trial (3 month trial) on rats. This study was the grounds for FDA approval. Subsequent studies seem to show it causes cancer in rats, so UK and Canada have both banned it from milk for human consumption.

    There are a lot of other good sections too, very informative, and some funny tactics at a Marlboro christmas party If you get a chance to see it, definitely go.

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    Hmm. I'm from Florida and I drink a lot of milk. uh oh. I hadn't heard about this until now.
    Tugboats and arson. That's all I ever get from you guys.

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    That's cos Fox and all the major networks are all afraid to publish the news. Monsanto, the company that makes the hormone, is a big player in the drug industry.

    I just did a google search on the hormone and found lots of links. If you want more info you can shift through the net and find it. Here's one:

    I was sitting there listening to the story in the theatre and I couldn't believe it! How could Fox compromise journalistic integrity like that?

    The movie is showing at a lot of film festivals - the Globe & Mail called it "the next bowling for columbine" and it will be in selected theatres in the states in starting June I believe. If you want more info on the movie, go to http://www.thecorporation.com

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