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Thread: Soldier's Girl

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    Soldier's Girl

    hey, sorry if this topic has been made. I tried searching using "Soldier's Girl" "Soldiers Girl" ,etc.
    I just saw this movie on DVD. It just changed the way i think about things.
    I got interested from seeing it on the Golden Globes.
    What are your thoughts on this movie.
    Again i apologize if this movie has already been talked about.

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    I haven't seen or heard of Soldier's Girl. I don't think that there is another thread on it so, it's all good.

    Is it similar to GI Jane or that Meg Ryan movie with the cover up?

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    Based on a True Story
    Nope, nothing like those movies.
    It is about a guy named Barry Winchell who goes into the Army. Then later his "friend(fisher)" takes him to a club called "Visions"(not the actual name of the club) where he meets a dancer there Calpernia Adams. He meets her and falls in love with her. He later finds out that Cal is a transgendered person.
    He still loves her. He gets harassed. But still stays with Calpernia. Alot happens. I am going to re-watch it.
    But he ends up getting murdered by a 17 year old Mr. Glover, who appears to be retarded. Glover gets taunted by Fisher. Fisher starts a whole lot of problems. He exposed Barry's sexuality. Some say Barry was never gay.
    Barry and Glover got into some fights. Fisher makes fun of him getting beated up by a "faggot" That angers Glover.
    Fisher ends up talking Glover into taking a Baseball bat and hitting Barry with it.
    Very sad story.
    Its a Show Time movie
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    DjDeluxay, thanks for the info. I didn't know that story but, it is VERY sad. I remember how I felt watching the attack scene on two TV movies about Matthew Sheppard. I don't know if I could watch something like that. Would you recommend something like that even though it's so sad and unjust?

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    Brilliant performances by Troy Garity (son of Jane Fonda) and Lee Pace who plays Calpernia. At first I thought that Lee Pace was someone who was transgendered or going through the process as well, but no -whick makes the performance that much more amazing.

    They make movies about the dilemna of "coming out" or shutting up in the military and this takes it above and beyond - Semper fi
    "Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake." -- Henry David Thoreau

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    I think you should see the movie. It is really good. I have watched it like 4 times already.
    It shows how they were unjust.
    I can't believe how a good job Troy Garity did on the movie. I like his hair better that way. I think the Army is just scared and knows nothing about people that are gay.
    They are just unsure about them. Maybe intimidated that they could be weaker than a person that is gay

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    oh i loved this movie-it was on showtime-i didn't know it was out on dvd now.

    i think this is a movie everyone should see-it teaches a good lesson i think

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    Yeah, I agree. It can teach you alot of things.
    It changed the whole way i think of things now

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    I predict super-stardom for Troy.....

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    Yeah i can see it now
    did he do soldier's girl first? or Barbershop?
    I am proud of him making his own title instead of "Jane's son"
    i think he may be the next Tom cruise or somethig

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