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Thread: Soldier's Girl

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    I thought it was a very good movie but it had too many charecters and bounced around too much for a two-hour movie.

    So it was hard for them to develope such deep, diverse and complex charecters and build a love story and deal with sex descrimination and military protocol in such a short time.

    It probably would have been better suited to be a three or four part mini-series, especially since it was produced for cable-tv anyway.

    The two hours just wasnt enough time to do the story justice.

    The "making of" documentary that was shown afterwards - with several of the real charecters being interviewed - was also fascinating and bittersweet.

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    Yes, I TOTALLY agree about making it into a mini series. Although, since i have watched it I do not want anything changed. I do not think it was too bouncey.
    I am a little angry that Angels in America got awards and Soldiers girl did not.
    But, i do wish they did make a mini-series before i saw it.

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