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Thread: Blackbeards - release date 12/06

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    Blackbeards - release date 12/06

    Blackbeards (2002)

    Synopsis:In a ravaged, brutally beautiful mountain landscape along the Iran-Iraq border, a group of teachers, with blackboards strapped to their backs, roam the countryside in search of pupils. After an attack by an army helicopter, two of the teachers, Said and Reeboir, separate from the group. Reeboir travels the dirt roads with a gang of illiterate boys who smuggle stolen goods across the border. Meanwhile, Said joins up with a group of old and tired men who, after years of being refugees, struggle to get back across the border to their bombed village of Halabcheh. Virtually none of the Kurds express an interest in learning to read or write, but the teachers' blackboards are pressed into service in a variety of other ways: camouflage, a stretcher, a splint for a broken leg, as well as providing shelter and protection from the frequent bursts of gunfire from the border troops. Still, Said and Reeboir persevere in their effort to educate anyone who is willing to learn. In a world filled with hardship and ignorance, the two teachers offer hope, kindness and the blessing of knowledge.

    Rating: MPAA NONE Runtime: 85 min.

    Cast & Role
    Saeed Mohamadi Said--Teacher
    Behnaz Jafari Halaleh--Young Woman
    Bahman Ghobadi Reeboir--Teacher
    Mohamad Karim Rahmati -- Father
    Rafat Moradi -- Ribvar
    Mayas Rostami -- The Young Boy Storyteller
    Saman Akbari -- Group Leader
    Ahmad Bahrami -- Marriage Registrar

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    Although, I won't watch it at the theatre, I might watch it if I catch it on cable. Moves that give a sense of hope are very good to watch once in a while.

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    I make it a point never to see movies whose character names I can't spell.

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    This sounds like it could be a very uplifting movie actually.

    I wouldn't go to the theatre to see it. I don't even think my theatre would show it with so much competition at this time of year. My theatre still has three screens devoted to Harry Potter all day every day.
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