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Thread: You Got Served - 1/30/04

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    You Got Served - 1/30/04

    You Got Served (2004)

    Synopsis:*This hip-hop tale which explores the social subculture of street dancing, focuses on a pair of friends, named David and Elgin, who want to open their own hip-hop dance and recording studio. However, in order to make that dream come true, they must first win a street dance competition against another group of dancers to prove that they have talent. When Elgin and David have a falling out, it threatens their shot at the big time. *

    Genre(s): Comedy Rating:*Not available Runtime:*Not available Theatrical Release: 01/30/2004

    Cast & Role
    *Marques Houston - Elgin
    *Omarion - David
    *Jarell 'J-Boog' Houston - Rico
    *DeMario 'Raz-B' Thornton - Vick
    *Lil Fizz - Rashaan
    *Dreux Frederic - Rashaan
    *Jennifer Nicole Freeman - Liyah
    *Steve Harvey - Mr Rad

    Crew & Credit
    *Chris Stokes - Director
    *Marcus Morton - Producer

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    FORT Fogey
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    B2K is in this movie, i think that's a good enough reason to skip this one...

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    I can't stand B2K too. I doubt it will be shown here though.

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    Sigh... Cryssa's Avatar
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    NO, just... no.

    My sister and I laugh (at it) every time we see the commercial. I dislike this sort of film.
    Life's in technicolor
    Blues and reds so bright
    But in all the rainbows of the world
    I'm still in black and white.
    -A.C. Jones

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