Synopsis: Facing failing health, sheep herder Stoney is tricked into traveling to Minneapolis by his estranged daughter, Kate , in an attempt to get him treatment. There, Stoney is reconnected with his teenage grandson, Charles , an over-programmed, over-protected city boy, obsessed with computers and modern technology. After Stoney is 'imprisoned' in a hospital, his best friend Shuck, finds his way to the city in an attempt to break the old man free and grant him some dignity in his final days. Feeling that Charles needs to experience life instead of interacting with computers, Stoney takes the boy along as he and Shuck steal a hearse, and begin a madcapped journey back to the Badlands. With the FBI on their tail, Stoney's clock ticks away, as he finally gets the chance to know his grandson and reconnect with his daughter. Suddenly plopped into the role of rancher, Charles discovers his family roots and what it means to be a "wooly boy".
Rating: MPAA PG
Runtime: Not available

Cast & Role

Peter Fonda -- Stoney
Kris Kristofferson -- Shuck
Keith Carradine -- Sheriff Hank Dawson
Joseph Mazello -- Charles
Robin Dearden -- Kate