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Thread: Disney's Teacher's Pet: The Movie (2004) - 1/16

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    Disney's Teacher's Pet: The Movie (2004) - 1/16

    Disney's Teacher's Pet: The Movie (2004)

    Synopsis: Spot the Dog is so curious about the world that he has
    taught himself how to talk and read, and then sneaks to school with his
    master, Leonard, where he poses as a human.

    Genre(s): Adaptation, Animated, Children Rating: MPAA PG: some mildly crude
    humor Runtime: Not available Theatrical Release: 01/16/2004

    Cast & Role
    Nathan Lane - Voice of Spot Helperman/Scott Leadready II
    Shaun Flemming - Voice of Leonard Helperman
    Rob Paulsen - Voice of Ian Wazselewski
    Debra Jo Rupp - Voice of Mrs Helperman
    Wallace Shawn - Voice of Principal Strickler
    David Ogden Stiers - Voice of Mr Jolly
    Jerry Stiller - Voice of Pretty Boy
    Kelsey Grammer - Voice of Dr. Ivan Krank

    Timothy Bjorklund - Director
    Stephen Swofford - Producer

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    I've never seen the cartoon the movie is based on. But the trailers don't look engaging at all.

    Not listed on that cast list, but I also hear Paul Reubens is doing a voice in the movie. Glad to hear he can keep working

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