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I thought it was easily the best of the three

I loved how the ending dragged on.... after Peter Jackson took us on this three year ride, in the end, I was just hoping for more of the dragging on... it's our goodbye to the carachters, and it was awesome..

after all of the troubles they went through, I thought it was great to see them in a peaceful setting

the battles were easily better than Helm's Deep in TTT.... I was a bit disappointed with Shelob, although she did look very realistic

if one thing was out of place, it was probably the back story of Smeagol and Deagol at the beginning, they could have done without it, it just felt a bit out of place... and they didn't include the part where they were 'interrogating' Saruman after the downfall of Isengard, I really hope that's in the extended edition..

but this was just a perfect final act of the trilogy, I was thoroughly pleased.....

the sketches during the credits were awesome too

when "The End" came up, the whole theater started cheering and clapping... it was awesome

wow, just, wow.

a very solid 5/5 from me