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Thread: Return of the King Discussion **Spoilers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverstar
    There was a special today at one of the local cineplex, they were showing the entire trilogy for 45$!! They had a 30 min break between each movie.
    $45?! Forty-five dollars? Was that a typo? Sorry, it wouldn't be worth that to me.
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    No, no typo. Let me check, maybe my sources were wrong.

    Edited , Ok, I checked it out, and at another cineplex, it was actually 50 bucks! (in Canadian dollars )
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    I'm not going to school on Friday, so I'm going to see it! I'm so excited. Strangely, my theater only has like 4 times per day. Why would they only play this movie in 1 theater at an AMC 24???

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    My oldest daughter and I are going to the early show tomorrow. I can't wait any longer than that. I'm really looking forward to this. Everything I've heard about it is good. The special effects are suppose to be better, the characters are fuller and everything gets wrapped up by the end. The next thing will be waiting for the extended version on DVD where they put back everything that had to be cut because of the time.
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    Just got back! Highlight below if you want my opinion (no spoilers, but just opinion). Teaser:

    Click to see Spoiler:
    CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP It was SOOOOOO good! Yay! I absolutely loved it! I saw it with my roommate, and he didn't like it as much as me. I talked about it with my sister, and it seems to be a have you read it/have you not. I've read them all before, so I thought the third was incredible. My roomie and sis liked it, just not as much as me. Sis and I figured it could have been more about not having to try to figure out what was going on and being able to just enjoy it. I don't know, I just thought it ROCKED! Everyone in the theater liked it enough to burst into applause four times, though, so it can't be all that bad!

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    In an earlier thread I posted a link to the trailer. :santasmil
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    Hey I thought it was pretty cool chiro wrote his opinions in 'secret ink' I'm gonna watch it tomorrow (Fri) with my buddies! We booked our tickets in early Dec I think this will be the best instalment of the 3, no doubts about it. Can't wait!!

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    Haunted Lady
    I'm going tomorrow night with a couple friends and I'm about to foam at the mouth. I've checked a few forums around the net, even read some spoilers but nothing will stop me. Being a child of the 60s, I read this in college and again many times over the years. This is a very difficult work to bring to the screen and from what I've seen of the first two films and tantalizing bits of the third, he's (Jackson's) done an outstanding job. I'm so cranked over this, there is no way you can ruin it for me.

    One thing I determined while cruising, a lot of the other forums don't seem to have intelligent people. There are some who are very childish, some who have a poor sense of humor and some that push the boundaries of good taste, fun and stimulating discussion. This forum is the best I've found to date.

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    That's so nice of you to say, Haunted. John does a great job with the site.

    I walked out satisfied. There was so much going on, I'm surprised her was able to whittle it down to 3 and a half hours. When last I checked, Rottentomatoes.com had it ranked at 97% (positive reviews)

    Then run back so everyone can discuss it together.

    My comments...
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Gandolf kicked ass! Pippen really grew as a character and I came to love Pippen and Merry, who didn't really care for in FOTR. Sean Astin was absolutely incredible though. In one scene, you can see his little hobbit heart breaking and I bawled along with him
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    Chomping at the bit.. contemplating just HOW henious it would be to sneak and see it before I see it w/the boyfriend on our 1 yr anniversary? Is it a really bad thing to do????

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