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Thread: Strange Movies

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    The strangest movie I ever saw was The Doom Generation a film by director Greg Araki,who I guess is friends with a lot of celebrities!

    The movie starred a very young Rose McGowan,Jonathan Scheck(Mr.Christina Applegate)and James Duval..(so cute yummy).

    It also had cameos from Parker Posey,Margaret Cho,Dustin Nguyen,the people who played Jan and Peter from the Brady Bunch,and a bunch of other folks I can't even remember,but the plot was weird and the whole movie left me feeling slimy.....people who have seen this will inderstand what I mean!

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    Muholland Drive tops my list, that movie still echoes in my brain, "Don't drink all the coke Rita" ,and "is that a smart alec answer". There are tons of theories about what is happening, I've heard it's the dreams of dead people etc, but even though it's confusing, it was never boring. Dead Ringers is another one, especially the mutant woman gynecological tools etc. I loved Being John Malkovich, but it wasn't the surreal trip Muholland Drive was. Another one is Three Woman by Robert Altman, and all the identity confusion a little like Muholland Drive now that I think about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiVvV
    My faves for strange movies are Memento & Eyes wide shut...
    I don't like Being John Malkovich and Magnolia..too weird :\
    I liked Magnolia. Fav wierd move would be Memento.

    And can someone please explain to me Eyes wide shut???? I mean....i`ve seen it twice, and i`m still lost. If it was all an act then why did that woman die?? or didnt she.
    And the ending??? what the hell??? The last thing kidman saids, i remember it having the word f#ck. I need help

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    Just saw Big Fish... that was a weird movie... but I loved it... it made me cry I will admit.

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    I saw 'Eraser Head' at a revival house theater awhile ago and it was the most bizarre excruciating movie I have ever sat through. It was like sitting though a torture session of someone running their fingers down a chalk board over and over again.I think I blacked out during the dinner scene with the chicken from hyperventilation because the walls began to close in on me as I felt this movie would never ever end . I still have no idea what happed in this movie.(maybe because I was on the floor with the pop corn,stale candy and spilled soda)

    'The Man Who Fell to Earth'. Should have know,David Bowie.Oddly though, I liked it.

    "City of lost Children --Ran out of the theatre screaming after 33 1/3 minutes.

    ' Wickerman' -- Very creepy. Interestingly strange

    Mulholland Drive--- Why, David why.
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    Usually weird movies end up being my favorites...

    I love American Beauty, K-Pax, The Life Of David Gale, Vanilla Sky & Being John Malkevich.

    Requim For A Dream is good, but very sad.

    I found Solaris a bit boring and thought the plot of Momento was great, however I think there were a lot of editing a script mistakes.

    I want to see Moholland Drive.

    Magnolia put me to sleep.

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