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Thread: Something's Gotta Give - 12/12

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    Something's Gotta Give - 12/12

    Something's Gotta Give (2003)

    Synopsis: Harry Sanborn is a perennial bachelor who only dates women
    under the age of thirty. On what was to have been a romantic weekend with
    his latest infatuation, Marin, at her mother's Hamptons beach house, Harry
    develops chest pains. Marin's mother Erica Barry, a successful, divorced
    playwright, reluctantly agrees to help nurse him back to health. Once they
    are alone together, Harry is surprised to find himself drawn to Erica for
    all the right reasons. And despite her initial protestations about Harry,
    Erica finds herself rediscovering love. Romantic complications arise when
    Erica is also pursued by Harry's charming 30-something doctor, Julian
    Mercer. Once recovered, Harry returns home and goes back to his old ways.
    However, when his feelings for Erica prove to be life altering, Harry must
    undergo a true change of heart--if he is to win her back.

    Genre(s): Romantic Comedy Rating: MPAA PG-13: sexual content, brief nudity
    and strong language. Runtime: 123 mins. Theatrical Release: 12/12/2003

    Cast & Role:
    Diane Keaton - Erica Barry
    Jack Nicholson - Harry Sanborn
    Keanu Reeves -Dr Julian Mercer
    Amanda Peet - Marin Barry
    Frances McDormand - Zoe Barry
    Jon Favreau -Leo
    Kadee Strickland - Kristen
    Paul Michael Glaser - Dave Klein--Erica's Ex-Husband

    Crew and Credit
    Nancy Meyers - Director & Producer

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    They are sure pumping out the commercials for this one. It looks to be a rather dreadful movie with lots of funny little moments. I haven't decided if I'll spend any money on it.

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    We'll probably end up adding this one to our DVD collection (we usually just wait for the DVD to come out these days instead of going to the theater). It's gotten really good reviews, and Diane Keaton just won Best Actress from the National Board of Review for her performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhora
    They are sure pumping out the commercials for this one. It looks to be a rather dreadful movie with lots of funny little moments. I haven't decided if I'll spend any money on it.
    If you go, I hope that you enjoy it. Unless you give a good review, I'll skip this one.

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    Well, we saw it anyway. They actually weren't playing Cold Mountain were we went to! This movie was a little bit predictable but, enjoyable. Jack Nicholson did a good job. Diane was good. Her good natured, slightly flighty performance reminded me of Baby Boom. She's nice though and I do like her. Frances McDormand had a small part but, she was a favorite. This is one movie where I did not feel as if Keanu Reeves was practicing his acting voice, but I still wouldn't see a movie just for him. The daughter, Amanda Peet was pretty and that is all I can say about her. I also loved her house!

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    We saw this a couple of weeks ago & I loved it! Even my husband thoroughly enjoyed it & he didn't even want to see it. I did feel like it got a bit long towards the end, but overall it was a good story & they really developed Jack & Diane's characters so that you actually gave a crap what happened.

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    Diane Keaton's character was charming, but aside from her I wasn't impressed.

    The first problem is the title. "Something's Gotta Give" doesn't mean anything. It could be the title of any movie. Most people I talked to who saw the movie forgot the title altogether. I'm backing a movement to officially change the title to "The Jack and Diane Movie."

    I enjoyed the first couple hour or so, but by Act 3 I was totally out of the movie, pondering the extent the story was autobiographical. Nancy Meyers wrote, directed, and produced this film about a woman who turns her romance into a play, practically verbatim from her experiences. I wonder who the real life Harry Sanborn is. It unravelled toward the end as Meyers was forced to come up with her own conclusions instead of drawing from personal experiences.
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