The Statement (2003)

Synopsis: Set in modern day France, the story of Pierre Brossard who,
as a young man, was a Nazi executioner under the Vichy regime. Brossard has
never been brought to trial and has lived a peaceful and anonymous life,
sheltered by right-wing elements within the Catholic Church. A new
investigation into his crimes is launched and Brossard finds himself the
target of hit men on the one hand--and police investigators on the other. A
wily old fox, he keeps outwitting his pursuers while desperately trying to
figure out who they are. Who will get to Brossard first? The investigators
or the assassins?

Genre(s): Adaptation, Drama, Historical, Thriller Rating: Not available
Runtime: Not available Theatrical Release: 12/12/2003

Cast & Role:
Michael Caine -Pierre Brossard
Tilda Swinton -Annemarie Livi
Jeremy Northam -Colonel Roux
Charlotte Rampling - Nicole
Noam Jenkins - Michael Levy
Matt Craven -David
Naomi Jenkins -
John Neville Old Man

Crew and Credit
Norman Jewison - Director
Norman Jewison - Producer