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Thread: Crust - 12/12

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    Crust - 12/12

    Crust (2003)

    Synopsis: Under the clear blue waters of the Philippines lives the Mantis Shrimp, a six-inch crustacean with powerful clubs instead of claws which it uses to stun its prey. When pub landlord Bill, a failed boxer and borderline alcoholic, is offered one that is seven feet in length, he is incredulous to say the least! Local entrepreneur Hamid 'Anything-U-Need' Choudhury persuades his friend that this mutant shrimp, named Mr. C, with a five-foot right hook could be the answer to Bill's prayers. All Bill has to do is convince London's TV moguls to put 'Mr.C' in the ring before the cameras--and the world can then behold.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Foreign Rating: Not available Runtime: 95 mins. Theatrical
    Release: 12/12/2003

    Cast & Role:
    Kevin McNally - Bill
    Perry Fitzpatrick - Steve
    Louise Mardenborough - Shaz
    Madhav Sharma - Hamid

    Crew and Credit
    Mark Locke - Director
    Nick O'Hagan - Producer

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    Oh my, sounds pretty wacky. Has anybody heard of this one? It could be really funny or flat out horrible I guess. I would love to see a preview.

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