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Thread: Timeline - 11/26

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    Can I just rant for a moment as someone who read the book? THEY CHANGED ALL THE BEST PARTS!!!!
    They changed a lot and I hated it!

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    Of course, they botched the book to hell, which was a mistake as the book was terrific. The battle scene between the English and the French for La Roque was awesome; Paul Walker's acting was stunningly bad.

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    I haven't seen the movie, but I hate to hear they changed a lot of things. What? Why? That book could have made a great movie, unchanged.
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    I saw this movie in a test audience, before they had added some music and special effects. I did not read the book, so I enjoyed the movie a great deal. I thought Gerard Butler was very dashing - his character was wonderfully drawn. I will now go read the book - if, that is, I can find it.

    I did not think Paul Walker was dreadful, but I did not think he was wonderful either. I have seen him in other movies (but not the car ones - Fast and Furious, was that it?) and he is a decent actor.

    I loved the battle sequences. As a student and having some personal interest in history, and having participated in RenFairs and some historical re-enactments, I was greatly impressed with the authenticity shown in the weapons. Especially the trebuchet - truly spectacular.

    I would pay bargain price to see this in the theater. I am confessed to being very curious about what changes they may have made to the film since we saw it.

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    I didn't read the book either. The movie was just too predictable, imo. The promos made it seem like Paul Walker would be the main character, but Gerard Butler's character was the one who was featured the most, and held the movie together, imo. I agree that Gerard is a strong, dashing guy.

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