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Thread: El Bonaerense - 11/26

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    El Bonaerense - 11/26

    El Bonaerense (2003)
    Synopsis: Zapa is a regular, hard-working, 35-year-old locksmith living in rural Argentina. When his boss asks him to do a special job for some special clients, Zapa agrees, for he has no choice. He ends up having to crack the safe at a store so the clients can stuff their bags and carry out a robbery. To avoid prison, he is forced to leave his family and birthplace for Buenos Aires, where he signs up to become a police cadet. After months of grueling training, he graduates the academy with flying colors; and by doing so, Zapa officially becomes a Bonaerense--a member of the most brutal and corrupt police force in Argentina. Now he has the power, and now he makes the rules. From this point forward, there's no going back.

    Genre(s): Drama, Foreign Rating: MPAA NR Runtime: 101 mins. Theatrical
    Release: 11/26/2003

    Cast & Role
    Jorge Roman - Zapa
    Dario Levy - Gallo
    Mimi Arduh - Mabel
    Hugo Anganuzzi - Polaco
    Graciana Chironi - Zapa's Mother

    Crew & Credit
    Pablo Trapero - Director & Producer

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    This sounds like it could be a pretty powerful movie. Has anyone heard any reviews?

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    It does sound like a pretty intense movie. Z, I haven't heard any reviews from regular movie-goers, but rottentomatoes.com had 5 out of 6 movie critics that liked it.

    A couple of reviews taken from rottentomatoes:
    "Stunningly shot in earthy graininess, Trapero's film feels so real it's hard to remember this is fiction."
    -- Rich Cline, SHADOWS ON THE WALL

    "The vapor traces of farce and policier that waft from this terribly earnest film never coalesce."
    -- Michael Atkinson, VILLAGE VOICE
    WTF? So he didn't like it, but geez, does he have to use those "fancy" words just to say that. :rolleyes

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