Anything But Love (2003)

Synopsis: Billie Golden is a struggling cabaret singer who must choose between living in reality, or staying safely cocooned in a Technicolor dreamworld of her own creation. While Billie might dress like Rita Hayworth and envision herself singing in glamorous Manhattan nightclubs, her reality is far from that: she entertains at a third rate lounge; she has an alcoholic mother; and lives a tattered life in a dilapidated row house in Queens. Then, two men enter her life: one, a strait-laced, corporate attorney, Greg Ellenbogen, who can offer her everything she desires and, the other, Elliot Shepard, a bohemian musician who can only offer to fill her life with music.

Genre(s): Musical, Romance Rating: MPAA PG-13: for some language and innuendo. Runtime: 99 mins. Theatrical Release: 11/14/2003

Cast & Role
Isabel Rose - Billie Golden
Andrew McCarthy - Elliot Shepard
Cameron Bancroft - Greg Ellenbogen
Eartha Kitt - Herself
Ilana Levine - Marcy
Alix Korey - Billie's Mother
Sean Arbuckle - T J

Crew & Credit
Robert Cary - Director
Isen Robbins - Producer