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Thread: Cheesiest Movie Moments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhora
    The Transporter - when the two main characters meet for the first time.

    Frank opens the trunk of his BMW, unzips a big black bag and Lai pokes her head out. She looks up at him with her eyes full of fear, her hands tied behind her back, and a piece of duct tape covering her mouth...and suddenly a cheesy love song starts to play as they "share a moment". :rolleyes

    Love the movie - hate the scene.
    I watched that movie earlier tonight, and that scene made me laugh out loud. They really tried to let the music dictate the mood in that movie. I wouldn't call it one of the cheesiest ever, but it was pretty bad.

    The ending of The Postman was heavy on the cheese.
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    I know it's a classic scene but...

    In "Butch Cassidy and the Sundace Kid" when Robert Redford is riding the bike with a girl on the handlebars and "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" is playing. That scene always makes me laugh for the WRONG reason.
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