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Thread: The Matrix Revolutions - 11/05

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    The Matrix Revolutions - 11/05

    From Hollywood.com

    Synopsis: In this third installment that concerns itself with death, Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus--along with the rest of their battling posse--continue to come against the machines that have systematically enslaved the human race in the Matrix. Now displaying a greater confidence in his own power, Neo fully realizes that he is a superhuman figure capable of amazing feats, and is totally aware that he's able to see the codes of people and things with which he comes into contact. Simultaneously more humans, who are struggling to live in the real world, have awoken out of the Matrix. As their numbers increase, the machines invade Zion, the center of human resistance--considered the last real-world city.
    Rating: Not available
    Runtime: Not available

    Cast & Role

    Keanu Reeves -- Neo
    Laurence Fishburne -- Morpheus
    Carrie-Anne Moss -- Trinity
    Hugo Weaving -- Agent Smith
    Jada Pinkett Smith -- Niobe
    Nona Gaye -- Zee
    Monica Bellucci -- Persephone
    Mary Alice -- The Oracle
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    We're looking forward to this one and will see it Saturday.

    -Randy (ROTK Dec 17!!)

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    A lot of the reviews of the third and final Matrix, say its dismal. I wasn't a huge fan of the second movie, the first movie was great, but the second movie wasn't sooo good, it was allright. The third one looks like it goes right down the same path of the second one, just allright, dissapointing to what we really expect. I do want to see it, but I have a feeling its not as good as everyone wants it to be. And I can't stand Keanu Reeves, he's a horrible horrible actor.

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    I have to agree with JustJoe about Keanu. Ugh. Dreadful. Just imagine how good the first Matrix would have been had it starred a talented actor in the Neo role.

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    There seems to be such a universal dislike of poor Keanu that I'm almost embarrassed to say that I like the guy and his movies. Of course, I like Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson, too, and they were both thought of as horrible actors early in their careers.

    CNN.com has an interesting article up about Reeves.

    -Randy (who loved the Rave scene in Reloaded)

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    Keanu IS a pretty bad actor. His facial expressions are so lifeless and the he uses that gawd awful monotone voice in every movie imo.

    I still loved the first Matrix, but it was due to a great story. Wasn't too crazy about the second part, but it was okay. Now, I HAVE to go see the 3rd part (Revolutions) just to know what happens in the end, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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    I just came back from seeing.. I loved it.. but most people I was with hated it for two reasons.. I don't want to say what they were... don't want to spoil it..

    I'll just say it ended perfectly.. it couldn't logically be any other way

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    That's good to hear Master...I've heard so many bad things about this one including that the ending isn't entirely conclusive. Grrrrrr.

    I got the impression from the second Matrix that the W brothers bit off more than they could chew and were sacrificing story development/clarity for kickin' special effects. Not cool as this is supposed to be science fiction - which demands a great story to be believeable. So, here's hoping, I plan to see it this weekend.

    BTW - Anybody know why they released it on a Wednesday? I don't know anyone who went to see it yesterday.

    And lay off poor Keanu, his bad acting really seems to reinforce the whole, "Who...me...the One...uhhhh...can I go play in my band or something now" kind of naivete which makes Neo our reluctant hero.

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    Saw it Wednesday - one of the few females in the almost packed theater (which surprised me for a 1pm showing on a work day). I liked it better than Reloaded, but knew it couldn't outdo the original, so didn't expect it to.

    I'm a fan of Keanu's, also. Like every actor, he's had ups & downs, but I certainly don't think he's the reason for all of the downs. He just seems a very private and calm guy (he is a Bhuddist) and Neo seems a perfect fit for him.
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    It's nice to hear that this one isn't at all bad...but I didn't expect that anyway. I really liked the first one. The second...I liked it, but it got really confusing. I haven't seen it since I saw it in theaters. I really should go rent Reloaded before I go see Revolutions, just to refesh everything. I probably won't go see this one for a few weeks. I want to wait until the crowds die down. I hate having to sit in the front rows and all...unless you get there like an hour early, which I don't like either.

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