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Thread: Elf - 11/07

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    Elf - 11/07

    From Hollywood.com

    Synopsis: As a baby, Buddy crawls into Santa’s toy bag and is whisked off to the North Pole, where he is raised as an elf. A misfit who grows to be three times the size of his elf family, Buddy ultimately heads to his birthplace of New York City to seek out his roots. Unfortunately, they turn out to be a "Scrooge"-like father and a cynical eight-year-old stepbrother who doesn’t believe in Santa. Worst of all, everyone seems to have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. But using his simple elf ways, Buddy sets out to singlehandedly win over his family and save Christmas in New York, hoping to at last find his true place in the world.
    Rating: MPAA PG
    Runtime: 97 mins.

    Cast & Role

    Will Ferrell -- Buddy
    James Caan -- Buddy's Biological Father
    Zooey Deschanel - Department Store Elf--Buddy's Friend
    Bob Newhart -- Buddy's Adopted Elf Father
    Edward Asner -- Santa Claus
    Mary Steenburgen -- Buddy's Biological Father's Wife
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    I watched several of the cast members when they were on Dinner For Five, (IFC). What a fun show. Can't imagine seeing the movie though.

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    The previews that I have seen seem pretty funny , but I won't watch it at the theatre, either. Will Ferrell is hilarious, but it would be like watching a big SNL skit.
    Eventually, I'll catch it on cable, though.

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    I think it looks pretty funny. I can probably get away with seeing it in the theatre...I'm young, so I don't have to have refined tastes yet.

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    I have a 6 yr old so that will be my cover/excuse for seeing it in the theatre

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    Anyone seen this yet? I wanted to go today, but my coworkers know me too well! They said if I went to a Christmas movie, I would be in the Christmas mood for the next 2 months, and annoy them! So I am waiting till Thanksgiving

    I'd like to know if anyone liked it, though.

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    A friend of mine saw it, and absolutely loved it. She's also a HUGE Will Ferrel fan, so take that for what it's worth.

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    I'm not a big Will Ferrell fan, but I really enjoyed this movie. Just saw it today. Funny and sweet.
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