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Thread: Shattered Glass - 10/31

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    Shattered Glass - 10/31

    Shattered Glass (2003)

    Synopsis: The true story of journalist Stephen Glass, the twenty-something whiz kid who quickly rose from a minor writing post in Washington, to a feature writer in such publications as Rolling Stone and the New Republic. By the mid-90s, Glassí articles had turned him into one of the most sought-after young journalists in Washington--until a bizarre chain of events suddenly stopped his career dead in its tracks.

    Genre(s): Adaptation, Drama
    Rating: MPAA PG-13
    Runtime: 103 mins.
    Theatrical Release: 10/31/2003

    Cast & Role
    Hayden Christensen - Stephen Glass
    Steve Zahn - Adam L Penenberg
    Chloe Sevigny - Caitlin
    Peter Sarsgaard - Chuck Lane
    Rosario Dawson - Andie Fox
    Hank Azaria - Michael Kelly
    Melanie Lynskey - Amy Brand

    Crew & Credit
    Billy Ray - Director
    Craig Baumgarten - Prod

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    Hmm, I hadn't heard of this before, but it sounds really interesting. Anybody heard if it's good?

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    I saw this movie today. It was really good. My first thought was "Anakin Skywalker can act!" He did a really good job, I hope he continues making good movies.
    Peter Sarsgaard was really good, I hope he gets some awards for this.

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