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Thread: Beyond Borders - 10/24

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    Beyond Borders - 10/24

    From Hollywood.com

    Synopsis: A romantic tale set across many years which centers around medical student who thinks he has found his calling as an international disaster relief worker--until he gets sidetracked by a philanthropic socialite who is entrenched in a troubled marriage. The two keep inadvertently meeting up, and soon develop a special relationship, against the ever-changing backdrops of disasters and wars.
    Rating: MPAA R
    Runtime: Not available

    Cast & Role

    Angelina Jolie -- Sarah Jordan
    Clive Owen -- Nick Ward
    Teri Polo -- Charlotte Jordan--Sarah's Sister
    Linus Roache -- Sarah's Husband
    Noah Emmerich -- Nick's "Trust Fund" Friend
    Yorick Van Wageningen -- Jan Steiger
    Sam Roberts -- Singer
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    I can't wait to see this movie. I have to confess in the past I couldn't stand Angelina Jolie. I thought she was very interesting but kind of creepy and a deranged lunatic. I never wanted to see her movies. From what I have seen lately she seems to have quit focusing on herself and on more unfortunate people and it seems to have totally changed her. She seems softer and I have enjoyed listening to her interviews. She even seems prettier too.

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    I like post Billy-Bob Angelina.
    The connection to him certianly made her seem strange.
    Of course, she used to be married to one of my "strangely attracted toos" the wonderful Jonny Lee Miller

    Even if you hate Angelina, Clive Owen is certainly worth watching
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I don't really like her acting. IMO, Angelina only does well when she's cast as a weird or mentally disturbed character like in the movie Girl Interrupted.

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    I am a MAJOR fan of Angelina Jolie so I may be biased but I really enjoyed this movie. I recommend everyone go and check it out at the movies

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