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Thread: IMDb Worst Movies of All Time

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    Read Ishmael
    I've seen:
    It's pat, Mr. Wrong, Problem Child 2, Double Dragon, The Mangler, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Super Mario Bros., Pet Semetary 2.

    I have to see Plan 9 From Outer Space..it's one of my main goals in life.

    I Loved MST3K, but I haven't seen any of these movies on there. Furthermore, I'm surprised more of the movies on the show aren't on the list. There are many movies out there much worse than some of these on the list, as bad as they are.

    For example, Sssss...anyone seen it? Bad horror movie about a guy turning into a snake. I saw it once, and then I saw it on MST3K

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    My best friend & I gave in to guilty pleasure & went to see "From Justin to Kelly"...if for nothing else but the chance to look at Justin for an hour or so...

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    I have unfortunately seen about 20 of these movies and agree with the assessment of most of them. The two most notable for me was "Bats" and "Avengers". These are two of only four movies that I turned off because they were so bad.
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    Wow! I've impressed myself - the only one on the list I've seen is Plan 9, and I think that's on the list for reasons other than the quality of the movie. Yes, Ed Wood, by Johnny Depp - fabulous. And I have seen the MST3K (never telll anyone I said that!) stuff, and loved every second.

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    This one is no longer on the list, but I LOVED Spice World. Ok, now, the ones I've seen that are on there right now:

    The Stupids (Loved it!)
    Batman & Robin
    Super Mario Brothers
    Pokemon: The First Movie
    Grease 2 (WHY?!?!?!)
    Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (liked all the Mortal Kombat movies)
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (I actually loved the Power Rangers, but only the original ones!)
    2001: A Space Travesty
    It's Pat
    Kazaam! (Shaq can't act. Have you seen the Radio Shack commercials?)
    Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

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    Changing Lanes -what for?
    any Disney direct to lets make a couple more bucks dvd. 65$ for kids into the park not enough?
    tomb raider
    haunting remake
    house on haunted hill-remake

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    Okay, I'll admit to seeing some of these!

    My older sister dragged me to Sgt Pepper's, she was a Frampton nut. I was about 9 at the time. Shoulda just bought the album for her.

    Halloween III--"Happy, happy hallo-ween, hallo-ween, hallo-ween. Happy, happy hallo-ween..."(Sung to the tune of London Bridge) For the life of me, this song is always stuck in my head as I carve pumpkins and sew costumes every year!

    A friend and I snuck into Endless Love to see what the hype was all about (a nude and young Brooke Shields). We were more amazed that she slept with him again after he burned her house down! :rolleyes

    Mr. Wrong--Bill Pullman had just done While You Were Sleeping and I thought I'd enjoy this one too--Wrong, Mister!

    Even though I love Jason Patric and Sandra Bullock, Speed 2 should have never been made!

    Out of the whole list, I'd have to say that Battlefield Earth was godawful terrible! Can you really take a bunch of aliens serious when they have bolo ties stuck up their noses?

    For me, personally, the worst movie I ever saw was Boxing Helena. I vote for that one to have the #101 spot.
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    Oh Lord! One of my husband's favorite movies is Nothing But Trouble. I think he just likes it because he's in lust with Demi Moore. That and he likes to torture me by watching it whenever it's on.
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    Any 'worst of' list that doesn't include Beastmaster is invalid.


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    The sad thing is I actually liked Speed 2: Cruise Control. Not to mention growing up, Super Mario Bros. was one of my favorite movies, so there's an emotional connection to that. As far as the rest of them go, haven't seen many of them, and don't care to remember the ones that I did.

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