Sylvia (2003)

Synopsis: The story of celebrated American poet Sylvia Plath and her turbulent marriage to a future poet laureate of England, Ted Hughes. Ted and Sylvia were a sensuous, volatile and brilliant couple who emerged as two of the most influential writers of the 20th century. Sylvia committed suicide in 1963, at the age of thirty, after being left by Ted

Genre(s): Biopic, Drama Rating: MPAA R: for sexuality/nudity and language
Runtime: 110 mins. Theatrical Release: 10/17/2003

Cast & Role
Gwyneth Paltrow - Sylvia Plath
Daniel Craig- Ted Hughes
Jared Harris - Al Alvarez
Blythe Danner - Aurelia Plath
Amira Casar - Assia Wevill
Andrew Havill - David Wevill
Sam Troughton - Tom Hadley-Clarke
Lucy Davenport - Doreen

Crew & Credit
Christine Jeffs - Director
Alison Owen - Producer