Nine Dead Gay Guys (2003)

Synopsis: Set in London, the story of two young Irish men, named Kenny and Byron, who are fresh off the boat from Dublin, and who cast aside their futile search of gainful employment, and decide to make money by becoming "rent boys" for the "johns" in their city's gay underground community--largely comprised of older wealthy men. When one of their new clients dies during a sexual act, the lads find that it's just the beginning of a spree, that will end up with all of their nine clients deceased, as they simultaneously search the city for a legendary bed of cash

Genre(s): Comedy , Rating: Not available Runtime: 83 mins. Theatrical Release:

Cast & Role
Steven Berkoff - Jeff
Fish - Old Nick
Brendan Mackey - Byron
Glen Mulhern - Kenny
Karen Sharman - Iron Lady
Simon Godley - Golders Green
Leon Herbert - Nev

Crew & Credit
Ky Mo Lab - Director
Lamia Nayeb - Producer