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Thread: Kill Bill - Vol. 1 - 10/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    How many minutes long do you think it would be if they show it on regular network TV some day?
    That totally cracked me up! I remember watching 9 1/2 Weeks for the very first time when it was on network TV. I think it was about an hour long including the commercials. When it was over I thought, "gee, he sure seemed like a nice guy." Needless to say my opinion changed a little bit when I saw the uncut version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhora
    When it was over I thought, "gee, he sure seemed like a nice guy." Needless to say my opinion changed a little bit when I saw the uncut version.
    That's too funny. Just a sweet little romance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CashMoneySoviet
    Its two movies.
    The next one is coming out on February 20th, 2004. Can't wait to see how she kills Budd, Bill, and Elle Driver
    I know that silly-head ...I just didn't explain myself well I guess. My point was, I loved the way they decided to end the first volume. A sort-of, cliff-hanger, if you will. It had me, and the majority of the audience I saw the film with, excited for the second volume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Meanie
    CMS, just out of curiosity, why are you watching R-rated movies at your age (14 years old)? How do you get into the theaters?
    My dad just went up to the ticket window, bought an adult ticket, gave it to me, and I went and watched

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    QT is always pushing the envelope. That is to be expected. I saw this movie with mr feifer sat night. He did not like it much but we both laughed through the entire show at how over-the-top silly the gore was. I have never seen anyone dismembered or decapitated in real life so I have no idea if any of the sprinkler-blood action was realistic. I just know that it looked ridiculous on film. It is a wacky story with way-out-there action sequences. If that is what you are looking for then this is your movie. If not, then skip it. Now that I have seen the first half, I want to see the end. This will not be a movie that I end up owning.
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    Okay maybe Im a weirdo, but Mr. Tallulah and I went to see Kill BIll last nite.
    We both thought it was brilliant. A total bloodbath for sure but genius nonetheless. About 10 people walked out during the movie.
    I loved the scene where Oren-ishii is presiding over the table with the other crime bosses and the Boss Takuda comments on her Chinese/Japanese heritage...her response was hilarious.
    I normally dont like excessive violence..but this was funny.
    Mr. Tallulah was use to it. He watches alot of Japanese action movies and Old Kurasawa stuff....
    I can totally see how peoplehated it...Its neat to hear everyones different opinons.
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    I saw the movie last night also. It was gorey - but I think that is just what Terentino does. I think his gore is his own perverted sense of humor that may offend some people. But not me. If I remember right, Pulp Fiction got audiences all rialed up because of the violence. It's not even an issue any more.

    There was just so much more to the movie than the gore, tho. The music was incredible, the details and continuity were perfect - wonderful editing. (except the fight scene at the end where there are no footprints in the snow - nor any blood in the snow when Uma got her back slashed open and laid in the snow. And with Terentino - you just can never tell whether something is intentional. There may be some significance to the snow.

    I loved Terentino's subtle details - like the fighting on the dance floor - the glass floor covered up a zen garden. How great is that? And who knows what other subtleties I missed. (sorry about the spelling, and the rambling)

    Once again however it was no Pulp Fiction.

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    pulp fiction 2

    Credit: Cinecon.com

    The words come straight from Tarantino himself...

    The man of the hour, Quentin Tarantino, looks to have a few more tricks up his sleeve. New Zealand's Aotearoa News reports that the director is considering some kind of sequel/follow-up to Pulp Fiction that would take the place of the rumored Vega Brothers movie.

    Vega Brothers was set to be about John Travolta's character from Pulp Fiction and Michael Madsen's character from Reservoir Dogs, but the project never got off the ground.

    "That's something I always planned on doing, but other projects took precedence," Tarantino said. "Ten years on, John Travolta's getting older, Michael's getting older. I don't think they'd even want to do it. Not that that's the last hope audiences have of seeing more of Vic or Vincent Vega. There's an idea I have a Pulp Fiction follow-up. Sequels generally suck, so it's nothing I want to rush into. But bottom line: the studio wants it, the fans want it. I'm sure I can compromise somewhere. It'd be my way of apologizing for never getting 'Vega Brothers' off the ground I guess. That way, we could get John, we could get Michael, and we could get Sam and Tim...everyone back. It would be interesting to see whatever happened to Jules and his plans to 'walk the earth.' Hey, just having Michael and John in the same frame would be great. They're great. But that said, I got to write such a thing."

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    Whoo, people like it!The music was amazing and that movie would have been NOTHING without it.

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    I'm with Mordal; I Loved Kill Bill!

    I saw this movie this past weekend with a date, and we both really enjoyed it. Of COURSE it has splatter and gore--so bad in one place that a character crossing a floor almost slips on others' blood. But I accepted this as part of Tarantino's premise: he plays with violence and explores it as an art form. He explores the darker side of human nature and why we are inclined toward violence, and toward watching it. There's not really much of a plot, except revenge. But I thought the fight scenes were awesome, and the story on the whole was quite entertaining. I was glad it was split in two; I do not like to sit through a 3-hour movie.

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