The Event (2003)
Synopsis: A mystery tale driven both emotionally and politically by two opposing truths. Truth No. 1: Matt wants to die; his AIDS cocktail no longer works, his health is failing fast, and he wants to leave this earth with his friends and family around him. Truth No. 2: Choosing to die is illegal. Later, when Matt is found dead--it is discovered that his death was not due to natural causes. Enter Nick, a sharp Manhattan district attorney, who is investigating Matt's death--the most recent in a series of unexplained suicide-like deaths that have taken place in the Chelsea district's gay community. Now, she is pushing hard to get to the bottom of his death. Nick's investigation leads her to interview Matt's friends and family, which triggers a host of flashbacks that reveal secrets about his life and death. An intricate patchwork of relationships slowly unfold, explaining the behind-the-scenes events surrounding Matt's shrouded death.

Genre(s): Drama Rating: Not available Runtime: 105 mins. Theatrical Release: 10/03/2003

Cast & Role
Parker Posey - District Attorney Nick
Olympia Dukakis - Laila Shapiro
Don McKellar - Matt
Jane Leeves - Mona
Cynthia Preston - Amy
Sarah Polley - Dana
Brent Carver - Brian
Rejean J. Cournoyer - Rory

Crew & credit
Thom Fitzgerald - Director & Producer