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Thread: Camera Obscura - 09/26

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    Camera Obscura - 09/26

    Camera Obscura (2003)
    Synopsis: Set in contemporary Los Angeles, a psychological thriller
    concerning Jimmy, a talented photographer with true artist's sensibilities
    who takes a job as a crime scene photographer with the LAPD. Unable to
    comprehend and accept the dark and cruel reality of the crime scenes,
    Jimmy starts to beautify the crime scenes by changing the composition,
    lighting and lenses he uses, and shooting the victims in surreal and living poses. His wife, Maria, a talented ballet dancer, becomes increasingly concerned about his peculiar behavior. Not knowing what to do and also wanting to help with money, she renews an old friendship with the transvestite Fish, a club owner, who gets her a job as an exotic dancer. But a drug scam goes wrong and her life is put in danger when she witnesses a murder at the club. Confronted by his partners, Jimmy faces the reality of his wife becoming a victim of the same kind of violent murders he was forced to photograph.

    Genre(s): Thriller Rating: MPAA NONE Runtime: Not available
    Distributor(s): Fish Eye Films Theatrical Release: 09/26/2003

    Cast & Role
    Ariadna Gil - Maria
    Adam Trese - Jimmy
    Cully Fredrickson - Flowers
    V J Foster - Russo
    Molly Bryant - Coroner Mo Donahue
    Kirk Ward - Fish

    Hamlet Sarkissian - Director
    Tassos Kazinos - Producer

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    Wow, that sounds really interesting and unusual. I think I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks Wolf.

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