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Thread: Nationwide Indie Film Festival-- ask me!

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    Nationwide Indie Film Festival-- ask me!

    Discuss Indie films here!

    If there are any independent film buffs out there, I can recommend a bunch of titles, filmmakers, video stores, and retail locations to you.

    In particular, there are (indepedent-- not a Blockbuster Video or Hollywood Video) video stores all over the U.S. (more and more every week) participating in the first nationwide film festival. It is called "The Had To Be Made Film Festival"-- designed to help filmmakers get their films seen and allows the public to participate in the festival's award selection (after watching the movie, they go online and vote).

    Filmmakers submit their films to us, we select 10 features and 20 shorts. There are 10 DVD volumes, each with one feature and two shorts. Two Volumes are released every month...you can go to your local independent video store and rent one of these VDVs and go online and vote for your favorite.

    I know a lot about the company and am currently participating in a cross-country promotional tour for it. It's a lot of fun and the filmmakers are a joy.

    If you're curious, go online-- www.hadtobemade.com

    If you have any questions either about indie films in general or about this unique sort of film festival, please feel free to PM or email me (molly_marco@hotmail.com)


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    Some good flicks to ask your video stores about or check at netflix:

    -7 Year Zig Zag (NY Premiere at the Quad Cinema on Sept. 24th)(www.clubzigzag.com)-- a film told in rhyme and song...something sorta Dr. Seussical about it.

    -I Don't Know Jack-- Lynch fans, you NEED to see this. A Documentary about Jack Nance of Eraserhead fame...also, a MUST for Documentary fans.

    -Foreign Correspondents (www.forcor.com AND/OR www.cassavafilms.com)-- a charming drama by Mark Tapio Kines. This film got a lot of great press andhas done well doing the film festival circuit. Mark Tapio is a really great guy, too-- so just go check out his websites. Attn Clayzies:He does look a lot like Clay Aiken... You can also email him questions regarding his work, future projects, filmmaking, etc.

    (Short Film) Navigating Monogamy-- you can actally see this 3 min. short online (www.scottonfilm.com), click on the link "Video" and wait... It's hilarious!

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    Hey grantaire02, I briefly checked out the site and it is very interesting instead! The first film I clicked on "Hard Core Action News" perked my attention and I already want to see it! Unfortunately, the video stores are not in my area and I can't see paying money to travel to get and return the videos. Anyway, I'll continue to explore the site. Thanks!

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