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Thread: Secondhand Lions - 09/19

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    Secondhand Lions - 09/19

    From Hollywood.com

    Synopsis: For 14-year old Walter, his great uncles’ farm in rural Texas is the last place on earth he wants to spend the summer. Dumped off by his mother, Mae, in the middle of nowhere with two crazy old men and the promise that she’ll come back for him, Walter doesn’t know what to believe in. Eccentric and gruff, Hub and Garth McCaan are rumored to have been bank robbers, mafia hit men and/or war criminals in their younger days. The truth is elusive, although they do seem to have an endless supply of cash. But Walter begins to see a new side to his great uncles when he stumbles on an old photograph of a beautiful woman hidden away in a trunk and asks Garth who she is.
    Rating: Not available
    Runtime: 111 mins.

    Cast & Role

    Haley Joel Osment -- Walter
    Robert Duvall -- Hub
    Michael Caine -- Garth
    Kyra Sedgwick -- Mae
    Josh Lucas -- Adult Walter
    Nicky Katt -- Stan
    Deidre O'Connell -- Helen
    Emmanuelle Vaugier -- Jasmine
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I haven't heard about this one. It sounds pretty good though. If you end up seeing it be sure and let us know what you think.

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    I've been seeing trailers like crazy for it, and I *still* can't figure it out.

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