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Thread: Once Upon a Time in Mexico - 09/12

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    Once Upon a Time in Mexico - 12/09

    Once Upon a Time in Mexico

    The film is based on the story of a drug lord Barrillo, who pretends to overthrow the Mexican president. Within the drama, another of the principal persons is a corrupt CIA agent Sands who at that time, demands retribution from his worst enemy in order to carry out the drug lord's uprising against the government. Mariachi is recruited by Sands to take out Gen. Marquez (has a huge score to settle with the Mariachi), who has major beef with Mariachi to begin with. He sends Cucuy (the muscle for Sands) to shadow and keep tabs on the Mariachi. Marquez is working with Barrillo, and is about to assassinate El Presidente and assume power. Sands also convinces Jorge Ramirez (retired-FBI, has old scores to settle with Barrillo) to come out of retirement and take out Barrillo and Dr. Guevera (personal Dr. to Barrillo, killed Jorge's partner a long time ago), who brutally tortured and killed Ramirez' FBI partner.

    Starring Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp, Mickey Rourke, Eva Mendes, Danny Trejo, William Defoe, Enrique Iglesias, Cheech Marin

    Director(s) Robert Rodriguez

    Screenwriter(s) Robert Rodriguez

    Studio Columbia Pictures (Sony)

    Production Company Troublemaker Studios, Miramax, Columbia

    Release Date
    September 12, 2003

    MPAA Rating
    R - for strong violence, and for language

    Action, Crime, Sequel

    Running Time
    98 minutes

    Media Type

    Filming Location(s)

    Alternate Title(s)
    El Mariachi 3, Desperado 2

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    This is "kind of" the sequel of that first Banderas movie where he played the assassin. Whose name I can't remember yet this morning in my non-caffeinated brain.

    Anyway, it looks very interesting cinematically.

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    Ok, I don't know why but I laughed when I saw the previews with Enrique Iglesias in them. Must be that awful hair-do. I didn't see the first movie, so I doubt I'll see this one.

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    This is actually the third in this series. The first was El Mariachi, but it didn't have Antonio Banderas. Desperado was the second and he took over the role of "El Mariachi". What I remember most is how he came out shooting with the two pistols in Desperado and I thought it was pretty cool at the time.
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    With so many famous actors in it and I've caught Desparado several times, I might see this movie. Pretty interesting.
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    I really don't like Banderas much.

    If I saw this movie I'd be forever wondering when Melanie Griffith was going to show up, she;s never far away from him.
    Majorly insecure imo.

    Johnny Depp is in it though so that should be worth the price of admission
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    Oh, but now I've just seen that Enrique Iglesias is in it.
    I'm leaning toward a for that.
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