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Thread: Shaolin Soccer - 09/05

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    Shaolin Soccer - 09/05

    From Hollywood.com

    Synopsis: Shaolin was an art practiced through the ages; a skill mastered in the heart. For six young believers it had become more than just a philosophy. It had become a complete way of life. But as the world changed around them, and honor and discipline became forgotten values, the young followers lost their way--except for Sing. With the help of a former soccer star, he reunites his old, out-of-shape, misfit friends and recruits a young woman with extraordinary Kung Fu skills. Together, they're out to combine the ancient power of Shaolin with the modern game of soccer and in the process, they just might take the world's most popular sport to its most extreme.
    Rating: MPAA PG
    Runtime: 111 mins. (US version)\ 97 mins. (Hong Kong version)

    Cast & Role

    Stephen Chow Sing-Chi -- Sing
    Ng Mang-tat -- Fung
    Vicki Zhao -- Mui
    Patrick Tse -- Hung
    Li Hui -- Beautiful Girl
    Cecilia Cheung -- Slender Dragon Team Player
    Karen Mok -- Slender Dragon Team Player
    Vincent Kok -- Shanxi Robert DeNiro
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    In a movie
    I watched this... It's really really funny
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