Synopsis: Sam owns a record store where Derekís always shopping. Both are in love with Jackson, the blue-haired poet who occasionally shows up to work there. Jacksonís a bit distracted, what with falling for Billy, a vision in leather pants he met at an orgy. But while Billy puts off Jackson in favor of closeted rock star Sonny, Jacksonís hunky cousin Jed comes to visit - and before Jackson can make his mind up about what constitutes incest, Jedís already being seduced by Jacksonís lesbian pal Alyssa.
Rating: Not available
Runtime: 90 mins.

Cast & Role

Justin Herwick -- Jackson
Shane Powers -- Sam
Barry Wyatt -- Jed
Pamela Gidley -- Alyssa
Sean Thibodeau -- Derek
Willie Garson -- Sonny Spike
Christopher Freeman -- Kurt Domain
Susannah Melvoin -- Sandra