Synopsis: After a bull is killed in a bullfight, its body parts are transported across Spain, France, Italy and Belgium. The bull's parts fall into the hands of a wide variety of people, including: an Italian actress selling the bones in a supermarket promotion; a Spanish woman who dines on its steaks; a little girl in France who imagines a world where animals are much larger than humans; and a taxidermist whose wife is simultaneously giving birth to quintuplets.


Rating: MPAA NR
Runtime: 133 mins.

Cast & Role

Chiara Mastroianni -- Carlotta
Angela Molina -- Alice
Lucia Sanchez -- Jeanne
Esther Gorintin -- Rosie
Feodor Atkine -- Paco
Pascal Bongard -- Henri
Clovis Cornillac -- Alexis
Maryline Even -- Lucie