Once Upon a Time In the Midlands (2003)

Synopsis: Dek, a decent but somewhat dull man, enjoys a happy existence with beloved girlfriend Shirley. They live together with her 12-year-old, Marlene--her daughter by the sexy but delinquent Jimmy, who flew the coop years ago and hasn't been heard from since. Dek loves Shirley, so much, that he proposes to her on national television. Jimmy sees the TV proposal and returns to town convinced that he can try to win back his wife and daughter, however he faces formidable opposition from almost every side.

Genre(s): Action, Crime, Drama, Romance Rating: Not available Runtime: Not available Theatrical Release: 08/29/2003

Cast & Role
Robert Carlyle- Jimmy
Rhys Ifans - Dek
Kathy Burke - Carol
Ricky Tomlinson - Charlie
Shirley Henderson - Shirley
Finn Atkins - Marlene
Vanessa Feltz - Vanessa
Vicki Patterson - Audience Guest

Crew & Credit
Shane Meadows - Director
Andrea Calderwood -Producer