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Thread: Hackers.. (Yes, The movie)

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    Hackers.. (Yes, The movie)

    Has anyone seen it? I just adore this movie, My Dad rented 2 days ago, and I've bet I've watched it about 10 times already. I plot was very very good. The only flaw I saw was they had a huge virus, and then a pretty big worm, Well they destoryed the virus, butthey never confirm that they deleted the worm. You have to assume they did.Or maybe the Producers were leaving that open for the second movie, But then decided not yo make one. Overall, If your a computer Freak, This is a must-see and if your not, See it anyway.

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    I love this movie too. I watched it twice this week.

    It's going to be airing on the Movie Channel later this month. Here's some info:

    Sat Aug 30 12:25P TMCE- The Movie Channel
    Sat Aug 30 07:15P TMCE- The Movie Channel

    (Above info obtained from the TV-Now.Com page for Angelia Jolie.)

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