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Thread: Freaky Friday - 08/08

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    I didn't really have high expectations for this movie, being disney and all. (Not that there is anything wrong with disney, but it is aimed at younger kids.) But I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was hilarious. I'm definately going to buy it when it comes out on video! (I'm 15 by the way)
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    I'm 16 and I saw it with my mom. We both really really enjoyed it. I think it's directed towards mostly pre-teens (that's about all we saw in the theater!). But otherwise, I thought it was a great movie. I've only seen one other (the Freaky Friday with Jodie Foster, which was also excellent), but I liked this one better because I could relate to it more. I think that's why they keep re-doing it: to always have one that modern audiences can relate to. The acting was excellent! The soundtrack is pretty good too (but I admit that even that is more directed towards pre-teens).

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    Hm... I didn't really want to go watch it at first. Had no choice... I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Although there are some parts of the storyline that are not fully developed.

    Oh yeah Chad Michael Murray is cute
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