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Thread: "Love in the Time of Money" 11/01

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    "Love in the Time of Money" 11/01

    Set at the height of the Nasdaq boom, nine New Yorkers, representing a cross section of society, are linked by romance and commerce--and often both. Structured as a series of successive one-on-one encounters involving a prostitute, a carpenter, a bored socialite, a bisexual art collector, a struggling painter, an art gallery receptionist, a love sick student, a lonely telephone psychic and a desperate Wall Street trader, the tale circles back to the same streetwalker it started with, and each rendezvous delineates the enormous gulf between what we want, what we need, and what we get.

    Rated R, 90 minutes

    Vera Farmiga- Greta
    Domenick Lombardozzi- Eddie Iovine
    Jill Hennessy- Ellen Walker
    Malcolm Gets- Robert Walker
    Steve Buscemi- Martin Kunkle
    Rosario Dawson- Anna
    Adrian Grenier- Nick
    Carol Kane- Joey

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    Ooohhhh a Steve Buscemi movie. He's probably the greatest scene stealer ever.
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    I think I'll like this movie.
    I like movies that have lots of stories within stories.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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