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Thread: "Blackboards" 11/01

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    "Blackboards" 11/01

    A young teacher is posted to Iranian Kurdistan, where her Islamic educational policy is unwelcome.

    Not rated, 84 minutes

    Saeed Mohamadi- Said--Teacher
    Behnaz Jafari- Halaleh--Young Woman
    Bahman Ghobadi- Reeboir--Teacher
    Mohamad Karim- Rahmati Father
    Rafat Moradi- Ribvar
    Mayas Rostami- The Young Boy Storyteller
    Saman Akbari- Group Leader
    Ahmad Bahrami- Marriage Registrar

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    I can't imagine this will be high on my "must see" list.
    It's probably entertaining, but with so many others to choose from I don't think I'll be seeing this one.
    It just sounds kind of depressing.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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