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Thread: "Besotted" 11/01

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    "Besotted" 11/01

    Shep, a depressed lobsterman, still holds a torch for fisherwoman Vicki. But she has eyes for Damien, a handsome Harvard boy summering on Cape Cod. Hoping to reunite the old lovers, a sorceress guides their destinies on a game board in her backyard. But playing puppeteer to messy mortals proves difficult...

    Not rated, 92 minutes

    Jim Chiros- Shep
    Susan Gibney- Vicki
    Amy Wright- Mona
    Liam Waite- Damien
    Richard Cox- Raymond
    Holly Hardman- Holly
    Cole Murray- Nicole

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    Uh - hmmmmmm, not for me I don't think.

    If anyone sees it please let us know what you thought.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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