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Thread: Camp - 07/25

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    Camp - 07/25

    Camp (2003)
    Synopsis: When the kids on a packed bus heading to the country are belting Sondheim tunes, you know Camp Ovation is different. It is a place where talented young people can get away from their everyday lives and be themselves without apologies. Long summer days at Camp Ovation are ripe with life lessons, romance, fast friendships, jealousies, and a trunk full of backstage antics. As the summer kicks off, the campers eagerly await the arrival of the Broadway-legend-turned-washout Bert Hanley and also make the shocking discovery that there is an honest-to-goodness straight boy in the bunch.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Musical , Rating: Not available Runtime: 114 mins. Theatrical Release: 07/25/2003

    Cast & Role
    Don Dixon - Bert
    Joanna Chilcoat - Ellen
    Vince Rimoldi - Spitzer
    Robin De Jesus - Michael
    Anna Kendrick - Fritzi
    Alana Allen - Jill
    Sasha Allen - Dee
    Tiffany Taylor - Jenna

    Crew & Credit
    Todd Graff - Director
    Danny DeVito - Producer

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    i went and saw this at our indie theater this past weekend. the talent in the show is phenomenal and i really enjoyed it, BUT - it is by no means a great movie. it's kind of a weak movie in terms of acting. talent though? awesome.

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