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Thread: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban **SPOILER PHOTOS**

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    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ** NEW SPOILER PHOTOS**

    Here's a link to a British news article showing more new pictures from the film. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2003350441,00.html

    I wasn't sure if I could just paste it on here or not, so you're just going to have to follow the link.
    It looks like the film is going to have a different style and feel to it, than the previous ones.

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    I really like Michael Gambon, great actor.

    I think he'll do a good job as Dumbledore.
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    Mr. Obvious
    Why the heck is Hermione wearing a pink sweater? Shouldn't she be wearing the traditional school robes? Or is it some training thing?

    Anyway, I have a feeling this movie will be a hit. All three of the main characters look very grown up from the previous movies.

    ... Oh My Gawd there's a new director? THANK GAWD FOR THAT.

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    Sean Connery ('s voice) would have been great for Dumbledore, but he would have probably stolen the whole show, so I think Michael Gambon is a better choice for the part. Nice pictures, thanks for looking them up for us

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    Wow, it seems the trio will be back for GOF! Good news! I can't wait to see this movie! 2004! Argh!!

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    Thank God the 5th book came out in June because otherwise I would not have been able to wait till June of next year for this movie!

    Michael Gambon looks just like Richard Harris! He's also a fine actor so I think he'll fit in quite fine.

    In the Newsweek article, it said that Cuaron (the new director) wanted to dress the kids "hip" and sometimes even in their own clothes. So I suppose that would explain why Hermione's wearing her pink sweater. Also, remember Ron and Harry in the Chamber of Secrets movie when they went into the Forest? - they didn't have their robes on then either. I think they change out of their robes after classes or something.

    Can't wait! Looks like it's gonna be awesome!

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    How cheap is that bus? Ive seen the pictures before when i did a bit of research, the bus seems sooo fake.

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    Again, spoiler!

    I found this cool picture

    It seems that this scene is in the shrieking shack! Sirius Black & Lupin are there!

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    Thanks Silverstar....Gary Oldman really looks great as Sirius!

    I'm excited to see Cuaron's take on book 4. He has a special touch...and I remember how wowed I was when I saw his version of, "A Little Princess". It was magical, and effective. Very good. No doubt this is going to have a different feel to it than the other movies.
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