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Thread: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - 07/11

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    Ugh. Here I am, late as always...

    You know, my girlfriend & I are big fans of Sean Connery, so we were going to see this movie no matter how bad it was. The previews certainly did an excellent job of making it look very cheesy and ridiculous, but we both loved it! It was still pretty ridiculous, but it had a fairly entertaining storyline, great characters, and superb camera work (slightly similar to that in Moulin Rouge). The special effects were cool, but what really grabbed me were the sets, costumes, etc. It gave the whole movie a very awesome ambience which, along with the engaging characters, augmented whatever it lacked in plot depth and made for a captivating watch.

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    But being blue is more work.
    Good to hear someone likes this movie, Mantenna! I wanted to see it, but the reviews trashed it. Rottentomatoes.com gave it a 19% rating, which is horrible.

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    Resurrecting another oldy...rental.

    Horrible. Just horrible. I mean, Beastmaster horrible.


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