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Thread: Gasoline - 07/02

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    Gasoline - 07/02

    From Hollywood.com

    Synopsis: Fiery, dark-haired Stella, an intense auto mechanic, and nervous, blonde Eleonora (aka Lenni) are young and in love, and are from opposite ends of the social spectrum. They operate a gas station peacefully, until Lenniís mother appears and voices her disapproval of their lesbian romance. When Stella takes action in the heat of the moment, blood flies and the young women end up with a corpse on their hands. The lovers realize they must flee in order to stay together.

    Rating: Not available
    Runtime: 88 mins.

    Cast & Role

    Regina Orioli -- Lenni
    Maya Sansa -- Stella
    Mariella Valentini -- Lenni's Mother
    Luigi Maria Burruano -- Padre Gabriele
    Chiara Conti -- Pippi
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