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Thread: On-Line - 06/27

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    On-Line - 06/27


    On-Line (2003)

    Synopsis: Shy computer whiz John gets dumped by his fiancee and moves in with his old college roommate, Moe. They start an adult web site called Intercon-X, where clients are connected to live, erotic chat sessions with Internet sex workers like Al, a celibate, man-on-man host who never leaves his apartment, and Jordan, an absolutely breathtaking, red-hot club kid who agrees to go on a date with John after an especially intense session. But John soon realizes the difference between computer fiction and reality. Completing this cybercommunity are Moe's new girlfriend, Moira, a brooding artist, and Ed, a sexually confused Ohio college student.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance Rating: Not available Runtime: 84 mins. Theatrical Release: 06/27/2003

    Cast & Role
    Josh Hamilton - John Roth
    Harold Perrineau, Jr - Moe Curley
    Isabel Gillies - Moira Ingalls
    John Fleck - Al Fleming
    Vanessa Ferlito - Jordan Nash
    Eric Millegan - Ed Simone

    Crew & Credit
    Jed Weintrob - Director
    Adam Brightman - Producer

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    This just looks strange - NO THANKS!

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