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Thread: Favorite movie scenes

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    OK, I'm just going to list some as they pop into my head. I tried thinking about what my all time favorites would be and it was really hard to narrow it down like that.

    The Manchurian Candidate: The scene that pans around the room alternating between the old ladies of the garden club and the military brainwashing demonstration. Positively brilliant.

    Cool Hand Luke: Luke and Dragline’s fist fight. I love the entire movie, scene for scene, but the fist fight is an interesting turning point in Luke’s relationships with his fellow prisoners, and it really demonstrates his tenacity.

    Sometimes A Great Notion: Watching Paul Newman try to save his brother’s life after the falling tree traps him in a riverbed. Holy crap that scene is powerful.

    Amelie: Apart from the fact that I adore nearly every scene in the entire movie, I love the scene where Amelie takes the blind man on a spoken word tour of the street.

    Office Space: The kill-the-fax-machine scene.

    Apocalypse Now: Since it would seem a bit silly to list every scene in the movie, I’ll go with the drunken frenzy scene in Capt. Willard’s hotel room at the beginning, or the dinner table scene where he is assigned to “terminate” Kurtz’s command.

    Blade Runner: When Deckard gives Rachael the void-comp test. The look of the room, the lighting, the smoke-filled air and the chemistry between the characters are all really interesting.

    Reservoir Dogs: The scene where Tim Roth’s character tells the story about walking into a bathroom filled with cops carrying a bag of drugs.

    Never Cry Wolf: From the moment Tyler tries to take off in the plane with Rosie for the first time until he’s dropped off and Ootek (sp?) finds him on the ice.

    No Man’s Land: The final shot of the movie, after the UN Peacekeepers have pulled out and the media leaves. The motionless soldier is laying on the ground as the camera pulls up and pulls up until he is finally out of sight. I can’t remember if we end up hearing the grenade explode or not, but the scene is a real gutgrabber.

    The Right Stuff: When Chuck Yeager performs the test flight the morning after breaking his ribs.

    The Way of the Gun: I will always remember the final shoot-out as one of the most entertaining shoot-outs I’ve ever seen.

    The Legend of 1900: The piano competition between 1900 and Jelly Roll Morton.

    For The Boys: When Bette Midler performs in front of the troops for the first time.

    Empire of the Sun: When the American planes bomb the airfield and Jim goes running up to the roof to cheer them on.

    The Princess and The Warrior: The scene in the gun shop when Sissi blackmails the owner into giving her Bodo’s address.

    Aliens: When Ripley takes over driving the vehicle to rescue the team after Gorman freezes up. I love that whole little section as the team makes their way to the vehicle and then Ripley drives them out of there and keeps driving until the metal grinds.

    The Transporter: The opening scene when the bank robbers all jump into the transporter’s car. To go from that utter hilarity into a really fun car chase was perfect.

    A Knight’s Tale: All of Chaucer’s speech scenes.

    The Abyss: When Lindsay drowns herself so that Bud can drag her to safety and then Bud performs CPR.

    Um, gee, I didn't get carried away, did I?

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    Hi, Olivia!
    The personal favorite that popped into my head comes from The Godfather, Part III. I know, I know--that movie had many inexcusable faults, but see if you remember this scene:

    In his study in Italy, Michael bestows the mantle of leadership upon Vincent and invites his lieutenants to kiss the hand, kiss the ring of Don Vincent Corleone.

    Thanks to the power of Pacino and Garcia's performances, you can almost feel the power, burden and destiny flow from Michael's shoulders to Vincent's. It's an amazing, amazing scene.

    (Watch it again if you don't believe me. )
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    Read Ishmael
    Saving Private Ryan..First Battle at Omaha Beach
    It's been said, but Han being put into the carbonite in Empire..
    Jaws..SS Indianapolis Speech
    Say Anything..Boombox scene
    Good Will Hunting...Will's speech to the NSA guys
    Dogma...Bartleby's Rant
    28 Days Later...the buckets on the roof, such a cool shot

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    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back- Noise, noise, noise song
    Dogma- Mooby board room
    Mallrats - Where the kid gets stuck on the escalator
    Chasing Amy- The talking about the virginity-penetration thing.

    I love Kevin Smith movies.

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    I can only think of a couple (yeah, right)

    The last scene in Usual Suspects when Verbal leaves the police station. Spacey is brilliant.

    The scene in Hair, when the "hippies" crash the sweet sixteen party and Treat Williams (?) sings, and ends up on the table. And of course the final scene. Is "pooignant" too pretentious?

    The Graduate where Dustin Hoffman's (can't think of the character's name) parents are planning the cocktail party, and Hoffman puts on the full SCUBA gear and goes into the pool. Second favorite scene in that movie: "The future, son, plastic."

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    Rosie O'Donnells rant about men in "Beautiful Girls"

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    Great thread Hazy...
    some favs that have already been mentioned-Jackson/Travolta dialouge in Pulp Fiction
    the final tape/ goodbye in Good Morning Vietnam

    My Fav movie scenes-
    Sixteen Candles- farmer Ted and Hot Blond in the back seat of the Rolls Royce convertible in her church parking lot... "Dammit ma, i got my headgear on",

    Caddyshack- The Chevy Chase/ Bill Murray dialogue in Murrays apt.- "This is a hybrid ... of bluegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, featherbed bent and northern California sensemilia,The amazing stuff about this, is that you can play 36 holes on it in the afternoon, take it home and just get stoned to the bejeezus-belt that night on the stuff." AND "So we finish 18 and he's gonna stiff me and I say: 'Hey Lama, hey how about a little something, you know, for the effort?!' And he says: 'There'll be no money, but when you die, on your deathbed you will receive total consciousness.' So I got that going for me, which is nice."

    A Few Good Men- the last courtroom scene

    Rocky II- the final round when both fighters are trying to get off the canvas before the 10 count- (get goose bumps just thinking about it)- YO ADRAIN, I DID IT

    The Natural- every HR scene with the fantastic accompanying music- specifically the HR that knocks the lights out like fireworks

    Dead Poets Society- kids on their chairs to show support for a fired Robin Williams

    The Graduate- "Ben, do you find me undesirable? Oh No Mrs. Robinson. I think you are the most attractive of all of my parents' friends. I mean that." "are you trying to seduce me Mrs. Robinson?"

    Point Break- final scene- "I knew you wouldnt miss the 50 year storm Bodie... You gotta go down..." Bodie (sort of) catching that 60' wave and crashing...

    The Full Monty- of course, the strip scene with the song You Sexy Thang...
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    The color purple when Ceilie's children come back and they are standing by the car w/their scarves waving in the wind

    Gladiator- the end when he is walking feeling the wheat and he sees his family

    A little Princess- when she is dancing in the snow

    Princess Bride- When they are falling and rolling down the hill.

    Lord of the Rings II - When Arregorn pushes open the doors at Helms Deep

    Anna and the King- When Anna and the King are dancing at the end

    River Runs Throught It- the fishing scenes

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    Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    THe whole movie.

    Heres my favorite parts

    The Black night
    The Bridge "Answer me these questions 3 and you shall pass. What is your favorite color?
    The knights who say Ni
    Camalot song.

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    I have to give a big ole to most of the posts here. I especially liked the Han in carbonite scene.

    Another STAR WARS favorite for me is when everyone was nodding at each other above the sarlaac pit . That cracks me up every time. I also liked when Luke showed up at Jabba's palace and was all zen-jedi. It was the only movie of the trilogy where he looked kinda sexy. Well...when he was training with Yoda and running around all sweaty he was a little sexy.

    Anyway, another all time favorite movie moment was 'the kiss' in
    Gone With the Wind. Clark Gable yummy.

    I have about a thousand others (none star wars ) but I will have to think about it.
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