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Thread: Favorite movie scenes

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    Nausicaa, I swear...are you me, but smarter, more articulate, and in Canada?!! I ask because it's uncanny some of the things we agree upon. I'm just going to second everything Nausicaa says from here on out.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    Nausicaa, I swear...are you me, but smarter, more articulate, and in Canada?!! I ask because it's uncanny some of the things we agree upon. I'm just going to second everything Nausicaa says from here on out.
    Yes, SnowflakeGirl. I didn't want to bring it up first...but now that you've caught on, I can FINALLY REVEAL MY TRUE IDENTITY, MWAHAHAHA!! I'm your secret long-lost twin, kidnapped at birth and taken to Canada by international smugglers who took one look at my adorable face and didn't have the heart to sell me on the baby market. So, instead, I ended up with two very nice Canadian foster parents, and every since they told me the secrets of my birth, I've been searching all over North America for my twin...only to find her here, a FORT fan all along...

    But please, you've got me blushing so badly. I'm just a big dork who likes to use big words, that's all. You're the wonderful and intelligent one (not just lip-service - when I was still a lurker at FORT, I remember reading some of your posts.)

    Still, it is uncanny...isn't it? From books to films to Monica Bellucci. (Although, to be fair, anyone with a heartbeat would be in love/lust with Il Bellucci. )

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    Shallow Hal - Where Hal saw the little girl's face in the hospital, how it really was.

    Private Ryan - Normandy Landing, best war fight scene I ever scene.

    Dark City - When they realize the place where they are all at, isn't really the place they thought they were. Whoa! I was caught off guard. I won't give it away, you'll see if you watch it. I saw this movie over 30 times.

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    How about the scene is Casablanca where the crowd in Rick's sings the La Marseillaise? The Nazis were singing by the piano when Victor Laszlo roused the band to play the French anthem and the crowd passionately lent their voices to drown the Germans out.
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    The scene in the Little Mermaid where Ariel sings "Part of Your World".
    The scene in Return to Neverland where Peter Pan sees the adult Wendy for the first time.

    I'm a sucker for Disney animated movies. They are great pieces of art!

    The opening scene in Home Aalone. The house is hectic and Kevin shouts "When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone". Kevin knows he has to sleep on the same bed as his cousin, Fuller, who is prone to wetting beds. At the dinner table, Kevin's aunt yells at her cola-guzzling son, "Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi." He takes a big slurp and looks at Kevin with a malicious smile.

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    Girl Interrupted-when Angelina comes back the first time and she busts into Jamie's room which is now Wynonna's and keeps saying who are you where is she where is jamie...how did she do it...how...oh yes..very moving scene

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    I love dance scenes from Strictly Ballroom.

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    This is such a fun thread. I feel like adding, "Yeah, yeah!" to everyone's answers, especially SFG's, who appears to share my movie tastes almost exactly. However, I'll spare everyone my drooling, dopey head-nods and try to come up with something of my own here pretty soon.
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    I liked in Terminator 3, the scene when the first bomb drops.

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    All-time favorite:
    The scene in Romeo and Juliet (with DiCaprio and Danes) when he enters the church, sees Juliet, and walks between the blue crosses.
    Beauty and the Beast: the "Tales As Old As Time" scene!!

    -Moulin Rouge: The Roxanne scene, and the "The Show Must Go On" scene
    -Babe: the end (when Babe wins)
    -Little Mermaid: The wedding scene
    -28 Days Later: when the infected guy is set loose in the house
    -Home Alone 2: the end with the booby-traps
    -Fatal Attraction: the rabbit in the pot scene
    -Braveheart: when he yells "Freedom!"
    -Jaws: the first scene
    -Psyco: the shower scene (of course!)
    -Young Frakenstein: "What knockers!" "Why thank you professor"
    -Chicago: the tango scene
    -The Birds: When she's going upstairs.
    -The Long Long Trailer (Lucy Ball!): "I was GOING to say Turn Right Left Here!"
    -Legends of the Fall (the end scene, not with the bear).. CRY SOOO MUCH!!
    -Titanic: The end scene (very end).. cry every time!
    -The Godfather: when the chick is in the car and it blows up
    -and finally: the final dancing scene in Dirty Dancing!

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