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Thread: Favorite movie scenes

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    Life or Something Like It when Angelina Jolie showed up at the bus drivers strike drunk and led them in "Satisfaction". That made the movie worth while (along with Tony Shaloub of course).
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    In "Mrs. Doubtfire", where Robin Williams is cooking for the kids on the first night of his new job. Manages to burn his body suit breasts, then has to order out.

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    Great thread, Hazy!

    I love movies, so it's hard for me to narrow my favorites down. Off the top of my head:
    - The baby carriage scene in The Untouchables
    - Jack Rabbit Slim Dance contest & Samuel Jackson's diner soliloquy Pulp Fiction
    - Lobby shootout scene in The Matrix (it's the scene I always use to demonstrate the surround sound on my home theater system)
    - Classic John Woo gun standoff with blind girl in The Killer
    - Final shootout in apartment building in The Professional
    Uh, I just realized virtually all of my favorite scenes so far somehow involve gunplay...
    Some non-violent moments:
    - The first time you see Monica Bellucci walk into town in Malena
    - The final reel in Cinema Paradiso
    - Menage a trois in Y Tu Mama Tambien
    - Sister Christian scene in [Boogie Nights (does this count as non-violent?)

    That's it for now...I know this is a topic I'll think about all night, about all the things I should have posted but forgot...and then I'll forget to post them tomorrow.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    The baby carriage scene in The Untouchable
    Ahh...but Eisenstein thought of it first with the Odessa Steps in "Battleship Potemkin".

    Classic John Woo gun standoff with blind girl in The Killer
    Hot damn! Great minds do think alike.

    The first time you see Monica Bellucci walk into town in Malena
    ...and we all know how much you love your Bellucci, ne?

    The final reel in Cinema Paradiso
    Awww....You're just a big ol' softie at heart...

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    I also have to add:
    1) the poignant rice-planting scene at the end of "The Seven Samurai"

    2) the colour shot of the descendents of Schindler's Jews on the crest of the hill in modern-day Poland, at the end of "Schindler's List"

    3) the orphans gazing in wonder at the tent full of fireflies in "Grave of the Fireflies"

    4) that final shout for "Freedom!!!" in "Braveheart" (I'm a sucker, I know)

    5) the scene in "Prisoner of the Mountains" where, in a realistic tribute to humanity, the Muslim muscleman takes one look at his puny opponent (the hero) and laughing dismisses the fight

    6) that final, beautiful slow tracking shot by Kurosawa through a light snowfall to reveal a very happy old man in a swing, singing in a low, rumbling voice in "Ikiru". To this day, I think it is the defining cinematic portrayal of "rebirth".

    7) the conclusion to "City Lights", when the flower-girl finally recognizes The Tramp

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    Quote Originally Posted by nausicaa
    4) that final shout for "Freedom!!!" in "Braveheart" (I'm a sucker, I know)
    Then so am I.

    I love seeing everyone's favorite scenes. It's actually made me want to see some movies I haven't scene and remember some that I have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freisss
    The scene in Rear Window when Lisa is searching Thorwald's apartment as he arrives at home. . .

    The carousel scene in Strangers on a Train. . .

    The final shot of Norman Bates in Psycho. . .

    Sorry, just in a Hitchcocky kinda mood right now
    All great! I especially love the carousel scene. Here are some others already mentioned:

    the duel in the Princess Bride
    the final number of Moulin Rouge
    the stupid scene in A Fish Called Wanda
    Han Solo in carbonite
    Amelie in the mean guys apartment

    And some other faves:

    Jaws - opening sequence and Quint's SS Indianapolis speech
    the death scene in ET
    when Farmer Hogget dances for Babe
    Gene Kelly doing Singin in the Rain
    Danny Kaye singing The Maladjusted Jester in the Court Jester
    Life is Beautiful - where he misinterprets the camp rules into a game
    Ascot scene in My Fair Lady
    Sunset Boulevard - "I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMile"
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    Everyone has picked some pretty good scenes so far . I'd have to add:
    The final scene in Shallow Grave with Ewan Mcgregor in the floor
    The scene in Goodfellas where they are treated like royalty at the Copa
    The Cuban fight scene in Guys and Dolls (I almost died laughing)
    The final chase/search in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
    Saving Private Ryan - opening Normandy landing
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    I remember another one:

    Denzel Washington in Malcolm X, when he leads a silent group of demonstrators to block the mob of angry protestors, in front of a "white" hospital where a badly beaten collegue was brought for treatment.

    Peter Boyle, (as Police Captain Green), cant get the group to disperse. He calls in mounted policemen and reinforcements to block the gathering crowd.

    Once Denzel, (Malcolm X), has made sure their collegue is going to be ok, he raises his hand. The crowd hushes, then he points to the right. The demonstrators turn.... they silently walk away.

    Captain Greene: "That's too much power for one man to have."

    It is a POWERFUL scene.
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    Oh wait, I can't believe I nearly forgot this one...

    "Apocalypse Now". So many good moments in this landmark film, from that hallucinatory opening sequence featuring Willard (Martin Sheen) doing a spastic karataka, to the emergence of Kurtz (Marlow Brando) from the shadows of his own inner sanctum like a bald, decaying angel *shudders*.

    My two favourites from the movie has gotta be the following, however:

    1) the final scene, where the ritualistic slaughter of Kurtz is cross-cut with the brutal killing of a water-buffalo by the natives, followed by Kurtz uttering "The horror. The horror."

    2) that brilliant, mad sequence where Lt. Kilgore, the symbol of strutting American maschismo, leads an aerial helicopter attack against an innocent Vietnam village, and from the background bursts forth heroic strains of Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries.
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