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Thread: Favorite movie scenes

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    Ah... some of my favorite romance movie scenes...

    The scene at the end of Untamed Heart where Marissa Tomei's character reads the letter and plays the record.

    The corny, but completely aww moment at the end of Jerry Maguire... "You had me at hello"

    The end of When Harry Met Sally ... "When you've met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start right away" (or something like that)

    I know CaliGirl will hate this, but I love the scene where Ewan McGregor comes back at the end and signs "Come What May" in Moulin Rouge.

    And of course the boombox scene in Say Anything

    I'm sure there are more, but those are ones that are coming to mind right now.
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    Originally posted by dobolina
    I have many too, hazy. But I will start with the scene in "Bull Durham" where Crash gives his speech about what he is all about. "Well, I believe in the soul...the small of a woman's back..." etc.

    One of the best speeches in a movie ever
    yeah, one of my favorites too.

    Originally posted by Miss Filangi
    Good Will Hunting - Matt Damon/Robin Williams on the bench, with Sean telling Will that for a genius, he has a lot to learn about life.
    yeah that was good too, but I like the scene before it when Will is pushing his buttons about his wife after being told not to mention her and he grabs him by the throat, instead of walking away in discuss like all the others did. love it!!!!!

    Plus the scene in "The Sixth Sence" where Bruce Willis goes to talk to his wife and she is asleep in the chair. the feeling of love in that scene was a killer. the emotion was great.

    darn just had a brain fart and can't remember the next one I wnated to post........later, need a drink to kick in the brain cells

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    Originally posted by Shazzer
    The scene in The Color Purple when Sug Avery hears her father's church singing at the same time that she's singin'.........and she runs up to him and hugs him, and his cold exterior melts and he finally hugs her back after years of pretending she doesn't exist for her shameful lifestyle. Everyone cheers. Makes me cry...every time.
    I have yet to watch that scene and not bawl like a baby. What an awesome movie.

    And, Spegs where were you with the scene from Zoolander, "It's a walkoff. It's a walkoff." Come on my fellow Zoolander lover! The walkoff scene was awesome, especially when Derek tries to pull his underwear out of his pants. I just knew you'd mention that one!

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    The scene in Return to Me when the nun gets off the bike and they hug and then he puts his ear to her chest to hear her heart.

    The wedding processional from Sound of Music

    The as you wish falling down the hill scene from Princess Bride

    Ever After when she walks into the ball scene

    Braveheart when he is on the hill speaking french to his wife to be.. I love that one..

    The dance scene in True Lies

    I love the end of Color Purple when her children are standing there with those colored scarves flying in the breeze

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    Okay, here goes with some of my favorites:

    The scene at the motel when Clark Gable starts undressing in "It Happened One Night."

    The cave scene in "Young Frankenstein" Ohhhh, sweet mystery of life...

    Of course, the fake orgasm scene in "When Harry Met Sally."

    The battlefield scene in "Ran" when everything goes into slow motion.

    The scene in "The Usual Suspects" when the cop realizes he's been had by Kyser Soze (sp?).

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    The battlefield scene in "Ran" when everything goes into slow motion.
    Are you talking about the movie by Akiro Kurosawa? Oh my... I loved that scene! I love the movie. It's fantastic.
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    Originally posted by raindance
    Are you talking about the movie by Akiro Kurosawa? Oh my... I loved that scene! I love the movie. It's fantastic.
    Yep. Absolutely incredible.

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    Originally posted by Haole1
    The scene in "The Usual Suspects" when the cop realizes he's been had by Kyser Soze (sp?).
    That was great too! I had no idea until the last minute, then everything kind of came together. That movie had Hitchcock-esque twists, which I loved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazyshadeof
    The scene in Almost Famous on the tour bus where they are singing Tiny Dancer.
    Great, great choice Hazyshadeof!! I had a copy of that movie, but it got damaged so that scene wouldn't play right (everything else was fine). So I bought a new copy! My li'l sig is the oft-repeated phrase from Almost Famous.

    The end of The Usual Suspects was another great choice. It made my head spin.

    I also loved the final voice-over in American Beauty, and the end of Life is Beautiful when the tank drives up. I should have more, but now I can only think of the ends of movies...
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    I'm going to repeat alot...I agree with
    the star wars ESB scene....love it.
    BJD the fight scene and the blue soup
    WHMS- the ograsim and the New years eve scene
    PB anything that has been mentioned.
    BD love the speech that is such as sexy speech but love the guys on the pitcher's mound trying to figure out what to get for a wedding gift and the voodoo chicken.

    Also love....
    the call in show in Sleepless in Seatille. When Tom Hanks is talking about his wife and Meg Ryan is getting very emotional listening.
    You got Mail...when she is closing the shop for the last time and the party scene when Meg keeps gesturing with the knife.
    The ending of Good Morning Vietnam, when they play "What a wonderful world."
    Gone with the Wind...love the house party but really love when Scarlett talks with Ashley and Rhytt (?) stands up from the couch when she throws the vase.
    She's Having a Baby....the end when Kevin Bacon is in the waiting room while she is having a c-section. That and the scene where they are trying to figure out what goes where in the new house.
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