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Thread: The Hulk - 06/20

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    I was prepared for the worst, so when I saw that this film was getting generally good reviews, I was a little shocked.

    Anyway, I went to see it, and while the CGI Hulk was lame, the movie was a lot better than I expected...

    Jennifer Connelly looks great... and I should point out that the Hulk's super-dumb-and-laugh-inducing-mega-leaps actually did take place in the comic book.

    As an aside, I heard that Ang Lee actually donned a mask and worked with the CGI staff to make sure the emotions on the Hulk's face came out right...

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    Glad to see you kept an open mind and went and saw it, Mosaik! I guess his leaps are kind of laugh inducing, but he DOES do that in the comic. He is a strong guy, and that translates to his legs and quick twitch muscles as well. Its not just "lift heavy things" strength....its all around, super power strength.
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    i didnt like it at all........it was sooo boreing!!!

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    Originally posted by Wayner
    There's animal testing? Well, that's one movie Mrs. Wayner won't see. She freaked out at the invisible dog destruction in Hollowman, and while people were on fire in Gladiator she was frantic over her concern for the wolf.
    I didn't see Hollowman, but like Mrs. Wayner, I was concerned about what would happen to the wolf-dog during the battle. Who cares about the men, save the wolf.

    ****SPOILER (not really, but it's a little bit of info on the animals used. )*****

    They do show a starfish getting sliced, and an exploding toad (it's horrible), and a monkey being vaccinated a few times. I felt sorry for the little monkey, even though, it didn't know what was happening to him. Also didn't like how the dogs were mutated into rabid killers. Yes, It's a movie. I know. But it still makes me sad when animals are expiremented on and abused.

    Other than that, it was an okay movie.

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    it was one of the worst movies i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It got great reviews and they said that the CGI Hulk didn't look that bad.

    Although Hulk looked all cartoony in the trailers, it wasn't that bad in the movies.

    Eric Bana and Jeniffer Conelly.
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    I didnt mind the CGi Hulk cos it didnt come out so many times. It is totally sweet to see the love Bruce had for Betty... Swoon..

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    Just rented this movie over the weekend and was so disappointed with it.The effects were good and Eric Bana as Bruce was fine but... I haven't seen a more stilted, boring unemotional actress in a long time. She was totally unconnected to her Bruce ( Eric) and her dad( Sam Eliot). I haven't seen A Beautiful Mind but now I'm curious to see what all the hubub is about.
    Ang Lee created a movie that was very technically done, but sterile. No love, or emotion. It felt like half the cast was just reading thier lines. We are given no reason for Talbot's actions other than he once dated Betty.
    I'm glad I didn't pay $ 13.00 in the theater for this . I would have felt cheated.
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